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    Alison Corfield

    Hi, me again with my old mk1 – I am now on the rigging and don’t appear to have any way to tension the jib halyard. In fact when I pull the jib up the wire part does not even appear out of the mast foot – does this mean I need to replace the wire halyard and if so what length does it need to be?

    I have a highfield lever but have no idea how to fit one – is this the easiest way to sort this out?!

    Many thanks!



    I had exactly the same problem when we got our Mk1. I measured the length of halyard I needed and bought a new one of the right length from Trident. I riveted the Highfield lever onto the mast just to the side of the mainsail groove. It’s worked well. There are lot of more complicated ways of tensioning the halyard which I looked into, but with limited time I preferred to go for a simple option and have more time to sail rather than do work on the boat… far have been completely happy with the setup. Your other option with the halyard is to extend it at the sail end with a wire strop, allowing more into the mast and increasing the chances of getting the loop out of the bottom.


    I had a highfield lever on my Mk 4 from the factory but had Ralph Roberts fit a musclebox and have no regrets over this. No more pinging levers and pinched skin! This is mounted on the centreboard case area, but either option will need the halyard sorting.

    Alison Corfield

    Thanks both, I have a wire strop, will try that first – assume would have to lash the existing halyard to the new wire strop extension to prevent it getting stuck?

    Dave Barker

    Just to clarify – the wire strop goes just above the jib or genoa – it still extends the halyard to (hopefully) the right length.

    I too would recommend at least considering a muscle box. You’re not stuck with the coarse adjustment steps that a Highfield lever gives you, and there’s a chance you may end your sailing career with the same number of digits that you started with. No need for a pet gorilla to swing on the forestay to assist with rig tensioning either.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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