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    Hi Race Fans,

    4 races down on the late spring series – 2 to go on Sunday and …. I’ve ripped my Spinnaker. It’s more patchwork than my grannies bedspread so not too upset.. I’ve taped it up for the moment. Tear is about 2-3 inches. I have a sewing machine for fixing my boat cover so I’m game to have a bash at fixing it myself – Anyone ever done this? Any tips? I need to find a small patch of yellow spin material – Not yet tried the chandlers.




    I’ve sewn up mine before , two steps

    1) Glue patch in place to stop it moving whilst stitching
    2) Must use zig-zag stitch



    Sailmakers usually have scraps of tissue. I have always found that they encourage sairs to learn to repair small tears for themselves – I suspect that sailmakers find such repairs time-consuming and not particularily profitable. I once attended a sesion in a sailing club in which the local sailmaker came down and explained how to do simple repairs.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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