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    Colin Parkstone

    Anyone had any battery problems with the Micro TO 60, mine will not hold its charge and closes down.
    Charged it and still not holding charge.
    Has anyone changed the battery, can you?
    Any other comments on them that may help.


    How did you charge it when there has been no sun?
    I remember in a back corner of my brain that they can take several days to be fully charged.
    Suggest leaving it outside till next sailing trip and see if any improvement or contact Raymarine who have a helpful service centre just off the M27.


    Lol, I never have such problems with my silva 103PE. :mrgreen:

    Dave Bevan

    No problems with ours (about 3 years old). Quick spell in the sun after wintering in my sock drawer, and it was showing 180hrs battery.

    Colin Parkstone

    It just needed a long charge in the sun proper, not this weak stuff we have had of late. It took over a week for it to get to 180 on the charge scale and i charged it turned off. So it had not had enough sun, now I put it in the sun as often as pos.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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