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    tom j

    I’m sure some of you will have noticed already but just a quick note to say that after everyone seemed to enjoy last years event so much it has been decided to repeat it again this year. Fixture clashes have meant Rutland were unavailable so Datchet have agreed to host the event instead. It is booked in for 6th/7th September.

    Guess the big question is will the Merlins be able to defend the title?

    Current sponsors include:
    Speed Sails

    More details will be posted on the Speed Sails website as and when they become available.

    tom j

    More news on the evet; Harken will be sponsoring the event again this year. Anyone who was at Rutland will know they provided plenty of great prizes last time round so this is really good news, we should be able to put more details on the event page at Speed Sails very soon…


    We discussed this event at the National Committee telephone conference last weekend and we agreed that we should:
    1. get some of our best helms thare and try and win it!
    2. get as many Wayfarers there as possible.

    It’s a great opportunity to promote the class and compensation for the lack of an Inland National Championship this year.

    See you there!


    I have received information from DWSC for this event now.

    Saturday first warning signal is at 12.25 Sunday 10.55.
    3 races each day back to back.

    Camping is available on the Saturday night at the club, Please check with the office prior to the event. The bar will be open on Saturday night.

    The organisers are hoping for about 100 boats, 50 scorpion, 10 merlin Rockets, 5 Kestrels the local FF15 fleet but only 5 wayfarers!

    I will be at the event and Tony Copper is hoping to be there two.

    Hope you can make it to Datched on the 6th 7th Sept.

    Scott Hamilton

    If you have any questions please e mail me


    Notice of race and sailing instructions now posted on Datchet water web site under events – sailing events.


    Latest info on visitors

    I understand that Martin Collen and Colin May (ie two out of the top three in the national championships) are attending. Richard and Mark Hartley would have liked to sail their championship winning boat, but understandably want to show it off at the Southampton Boat Show. However we have arrange a suitable substitute in the form of our chairman, Quentin Strauss.

    Quentin and Rachel will be sailing our Hartley Mark 4, W10508. Should be interesting….



    Any news on how “Wayfarers” got on here? I can’t see any reports in Y&Y or anywhere?


    this is now on Y&Y’s website

    Overall Results:

    1st Peter & Andrew Rose, Scorpion 1995, 10pts
    2nd Catherine Putt & Simon Maguire, Scorpion 2001, 10pts
    3rd Tim Parsons & Allan Tyler, Scorpion 1962, 12pts
    4th Dusty Miller & John Ellingham, Kestrel 1558, 16pts
    5th Martin Collen & Terry Palmer, Wayfarer 88, 24pts

    well done Martin and Terry for flying the W flag!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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