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    For the last couple of years I’ve been the proud owner of W3883 ‘No Disgrace’ which is a composite MKI boat with racing rig (and a former Worlds winner, in 1976!)
    Having now also bought a yacht I am finding my time divided between the two boats. I have come to realise that every day spent sitting on the mooring is another day of wear and tear on the varnished decks of the Wayfarer- and in practise this means I only put it in the water for a few days at a time, when I am certain that I will be sailing.

    So, rather than sell up, I’m going to acquire a bare hull of a lower-maintenance type for a fairly low sum and hope to rig it using gear from the current boat- ideally in such a way that everything could be swapped back to No Disgrace at a later date. I’ve found a bare World hull which sounds ideal as it is wood-free and self-draining, and I hope to keep it on a mooring almost permanently.

    So- will my mast etc fit onto this hull? What about the rudder? Apparently there is a difference between the two types of centreboard- rather than modify my current one maybe I will leave it in the boat and buy or make a new one for the World- in which case, are drawing available for this?

    Many thanks


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