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    Bit of advice required for a repair job on my MK1 GRP…

    The existing stainless steel stemhead fitting has partially pulled out of the deck. Basically, the part that fits along the top of the deck is quite flimsy and the upward load from the forestay has bent it away from the deck, pulling the screws partly out.

    I guess my “upgrading” the jib halyard from a lump of old rope to a wire halyard with Highfield lever hasn’t helped this…

    Anyway, I have a new fitting here which is of a much stronger design, so all I need to do is fit it. Question is how to fasten it in place.

    Ideal solution would obviously be to bolt it through the deck, with suitable backing plate underneath. However access to the underside of the foredeck is a problem, so I’m wondering whether screws will suffice. The new fitting has substantial side cheeks so I’m fairly confident that it should transfer most of the upward load onto the strap that runs down the bow, where the fixing screws will be in shear. Will this be enough, or does it really need bolting right through the deck too?

    I’d be very interested to know if anyone else has done the same job, and if so what approach they took, and (equally importantly) whether it has stood up to the test of time!


    Bolts and a backing plate are not possible. The bow is a massive piece of GRP that goes some 4″ to 5″ backward from the bow. The only solution are long (very long) self tapping screws. You may want to pour some epoxy in the old holes if the screws go in the same spot.

    I assume you now have a U-shaped bow fitting as has become the standard with new Wayfarers? This fitting has long screws going down the deck/bow and smaller screws going in the front. The smaller screws go through the first section of ‘keel band’ that is welded to the bow fitting.

    When drilled to the exact core diameter of the screws they should hold for many years. I am not sure how long the screws should be, give Porter’s a call and ask Mike or Ian.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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