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    Has anyone ever installed a heavy plate into a World? Could you share any thoughts on how to do it? Especially on how to reinforce the box and make sure it’s watertight around the pivot pin….

    Thank you + best wishes


    Bob Harland

    I have come across a couple of Wayfarers with steel centreplates – but they were both the conventional GRP design. They had some significant reinforcement around the case.
    I don’t see how that can easily be achieved in the World.

    Personally I think fitting a steel plate changes the character of the boat so much that it’s a questionable move.



    Thank you for your comment, which as usual seems very prudent and rational. If I would ever go ahead with this modification, I would make sure it is done in such a way that it can be reverted to normal setup.

    I have given the matter a lot of thought, and there are several reasons for which I would like to try this. Three easiest to describe are: interest towards singlehanded sailing, unpredictable and quickly changing weather, and an impressive article in W News by Tony Williams in which I spotted that he has a steel plate in his ‘Taronga’.

    Of course, it might be that such modification is not possible at all on a World. I’ve never seen how this area is constructed, so this is why I ask. I wouldn’t like to cut out some inspection holes on the sides of the CB case, only to find that the inside is made in such a way that it cannot be reinforced, or that it’s not possible to replace the pivot pin with a bigger one…

    Thanks + best wishes,



    I have had the centreboard out of a few Worlds and visual inspection of the construction in this area would lead me to recomend leaving well alone.

    The following comments are for anyone.

    For single handed sailing don’t put too much sail up. From memory your reefing system looks efficient and you should be able to reef in a couple of minutes. When single handed and alone at sea my first reef is getting rid of the genoa via the reefing line on the centreboard. If I ever wonder about putting in a reef I probably should have done it 5 minutes ago. Never worry about what other people think. They may have full sail up but you need to feel safe. If you are safe and relaxed you can make reasoned decisions. once things become a little tense you concentrate on keeping the boat upright and other things like navigation might slip.


    Thank you for your reply John! I’ll drop the idea then. Well, at least until I switch to a woodie 😉

    Best wishes,


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