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    Shock Horror that I should even think of such a thing!

    However, as I am sailing a lot single-handed now and don’t want to buy another boat I am looking for ways of increasing stability. Does anyone have any views.

    Also I had a crazy idea of routering out the lower half of an old centreboard, filling it with lead, fixing a “lid” and epoxying the whole thing.

    I know that the centreboard fixing isn’t designed for a heavy board so any views about

    a) the idea in general
    b) the hollowed out lead filled concept (and that’s not my brain!)
    c) how to provide addition support to the board casing

    would be greatly appreciated

    PS I don’t race

    Bob Harland

    It’s an idea that’s been tried and can work. You gain some righting moment. But the boat weighs more, and is slower. The extra weight also makes it more difficult to move the boat ashore.
    Selling the boat in the future maybe problematic.

    But if the boat is going to be seaworthy it requires significant skill/expense/time.


    Wouldn’t it be simpler and less problematic to reduce sail area – ie deeper reefs and a proper genoa reefing spar system? There are plenty of experienced single handed Wayfarer sailors who don’t find it necessary to redesign the boat! Keep it simple.


    Hi – I would agree with John.

    I have put a steel CB in my boat and am in the process of evaluating the pros and cons.

    So far :

    + ve’s More stable , no jamming of board with sand , easier board control with pulley rope led aft. great for gentle sailing with the family.

    – ve’s Boat heavier, even more difficult to handle on land when SH , significant self weight of board adds stress to CB bolt , I beefed mine up to M10 but not sure if the CB case will need to be strenghtened, It takes a hell of a knock if you scrape it along a rocky bottom also very unsure what will happen if capsize and invert?

    I probably would not have converted if I had not had continous issues with my old wooden board jamming – I think the CB slot in my boat may be too narrow for a 21mm std board. If I had a smooth action with an adequate brake would I stay with the wood version.

    A steel CB is no substitute for a good reefing system of both main and jib/genoa (and practicing how to use them), studying the forecast and knowing when to turn back!!



    I have had a lot of discussions about heavy plates recently. The consensus appears to be that a 2 foot by 6 ” 1/4″ steel plate set into a wooden board and taking in the pivot hole would give some advantage without the disadvantage of making the boat too heavy.
    Lot of effort – I agree, efficient reefing.


    Thank you all,

    Had a brilliant blast on Saturday, fully reefed in a 28 knot wind and it was fantastic.

    I think I’ll stick with my original centreboard!

    Thanks again for your responses


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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