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    I am in the process of fitting a new spreader setup, and have a question regarding the rigging of the shrouds, with the new Selden spreader ends.

    The Selden website says “The spreader end cap incorporates two shroud wire slots to give a tight grip on either 2.5 or 3mm wire”. I have 3mm thick shrouds and the grip is pretty rigid.

    How then do I run the shroud from the top of the mast to the shroud plates? Do I aim to keep the upper part of the shroud relatively taut before tightening up the spreader end cap and then simply fix to the shroud plates in a normal set-up as per the Wayfarer rig settings guide in the wayfarer book/website? I am concerned that I might end up with some differential deflection on the spreaders as a result of the tight fit between the shroud and the spreader end.

    Any useful insights much appreciated – I am sure that there is an easy answer to this, but with 50+ views of the post so far, no-one has come up with any suggestions.

    Come on fellow Wayfarers!

    Colin Parkstone

    Your find that the spreader bracket holds the spreaders at an upward angle to the mast, not 90d to the mast wall.
    I would ease the end shroud holder off and run a tape measure from the head of the mast to the tip of the spreader, take note of measurement.
    With the holder screw still loose, set up the rig tension with the genoa up and then measure from the head of the mast to the holder again and set the spreaders at the measurement from before.
    Do up the screws.
    When you have no genoa up the shrouds will be loose and will ease the shrouds and yes the spreaders will rise some but not an amount i worry about.
    When ever you have the measurement tape up the mast to measure the rake, also lay the tape against the spreader tips to see if they are at the same height. Adjust if not. This will then allow the spreaders to hold the mast sideways the same on each tack!
    Just Like That!!!!



    Thanks for the reply – all sounds very logical (not my best attribute), including a helpful piece of advice on how I get the spreaders the same height!

    At the moment, the only thing I can say for certain is that the spreader ends do indeed point slightly upwards unloaded, so my start point is looking positive.

    kind regards,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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