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    Colin Parkstone

    Sounds like the class needs to sort some things out before we use or ask about for some sponsorship as I am still not sure if we can offer the space on the boat.

    Sorry to have opened this box up folks,did not think it would be so complicated !!!!!

    Steve, I did think you were already sponsored by the MOD, the Niss’en Hut shape of your tent gave it away!!

    As for a Jewellers as a sponsor, I keep well away from rings and shiny things as i am fighting off the Gold Diggers as it is!!! 😆

    Cue Song ” And He Lives In A World Off His Own ” Name That Group without Google??

    C P 😀

    Colin Parkstone

    Well the Nor for the Worlds states cat A, for our World Championships.

    That to me is very narrow and restrictive for people who are coming a very long way and at great expense.

    Now I do know that are sponsor has helped to keep the entry costs down, many thanks to them but in the great scheme of things the greatest costs is the travel and tranportation costs.

    Without the option of getting sponsorship to help with costs, do we not think we are maybe being restrictive in the entry by not allowing more option for individual sponsorship?

    C P


    A pedant would point out that sponsorship is not prohibited or limited by the NOR – it is the display of advertising that is regulated. If your sponsor does not want a logo on sails/hull/gear then there is no problem., he can still write a cheque

    Just to complicate matters the ISAF regulation has been changed. Category A and C no longer exist! Advertising either has to follow the prescriptions of ISAF or may be limited by the class or the event Any such limits would have to be in the NOR.

    To make matters worse some parts of the reglation are confusing. For instance:

    20.6.4 Boats/Boards, which are not an ISAF Class or are listed at Regulation,
    participating in either in any event of such Class or in any of the events listed at
    Regulation (or added thereto) shall not display any Advertising nor be required to
    display any Event Advertising without the prior written agreement of ISAF, either in
    respect of a specific event, series of events or for a specific Class.

    Naively, I read this as meaning that all boats that are not an ISAF class must get permission from ISAF to display advertising. However, I am assured, by eminent rules authorities, that this is not what is intended, and that unless classes limit advertising then boats may display advetising subject to ISAF regulations

    As it is, for this event, unless the NOR is changed, the event sponsor cannot require competitors to display an event sponsors advert, and competitors may not display any advertising (except builders marks)


    Thanks for the feedback on sponsorship, Colin. I will table a discussion on this at our next Worlds Sub-Committee Telephone conference in February.

    I must admit that we have not put a lot of thought into the idea of individual boat sponsorship for the Worlds. I think, that, as matter of principle, it is a good idea.

    Roy Burnham has been looking for event sponsorship and has made some progress as you will see from the logos on the Worlds website. Unfortunately so far, sponsorship is in in kind rather than hard cash (with the notable exception of the Hartleys) – but at least we will have plenty of prizes to give out.

    We did agree that members would not take kindly to being asked to stick sponsors stickers on their boats (not that anyone has asked us to do so) so all owners of wooden boats can relax – you won’t be asked to stick a Hartleys logo onto your beautiful boat!

    Best wishes

    Colin Parkstone

    Thanks Steve, it will be handy to sort this soon so as to help as many as possable to seek out sponors in time for the Worlds.

    I did notice that the Nats last year allowed sponsors names on the side of boats, was that event useing a different catagory.

    Gordan, thanks for your post also but I do admit to not knowing still,who is in the right doing what and that could be the quandry if not sorted before we get to Weymouth.

    C P 😕


    My reccomendation would be to remove NOR 3 (by issuing a modification) and allow competitors to display advertising. Advertising would then be governed by the ISAF regulations, which reserve part of the boat for event sponsors.


    My other reccomendation would be to consider sorting out the class’ relationship with RYA and ISAF, at present it is neither a National in the UK, but seems to be in Netherlands, nor an International class.

    Colin Parkstone

    Maybe we are heading that way Gordon with the changes afoot on the UKWA part of the forum.
    It looks like we are putting our house in order for that ?

    Good sailing to you all,and Happy Christmas.

    C P 😀

    Colin Parkstone

    2400 plus viewings of this thread,I think we have some interest in the subject!!

    I promise not to ask Ann Summers for surport, although ??? 😉

    Not sure my crew’s fiance would approve or my crew come to that!!

    C P 🙂

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