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    Having had a Wayfarer for a couple of years now, I’ve only raced it once. That said I also want to do some long distance cruising.
    However, there are many reasons I haven’t raced as much, but mainly – I don’t have a Spinnaker. A friend borrowed the boat and didn’t want to use the exisiting sail so he left it under another boat on a very windy day. Needless to say it went missing – that was two years ago.
    Now I race a Laser 2000 and am fine with an assymetric. What I need is some help with a Spinnaker.
    So has anyone got an old Spinnaker I can buy to try it out and learn the ropes as it were!
    I’m based at Rutland SC and our Wayfarer is a Moores built +S (9760).
    Let me know.
    Thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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