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    I have referred to Uncle Al’s rigging tips and have had a couple of offers from forum members to look at their spinnaker setups and will take these up shortly.

    Just thought I would gauge other opinions/details;

    1. I have an old Gold Proctor mast so there is only a tube rather than block at high level for the halliard. Also no exit at the foot only a double pulley block for main & jib halliard. I only want to have the spinnaker for cruising & casual club racing so have considered running the halliard externally from a surface fixed block at high level down through a hole in the foredeck near the mast, then run back to helm. This would avoid using the original tube and having all three halliards in the luff groove.

    2. I have considered running the pole uphaul to a similar external block on the front of the mast and then just cleat off above deck level, pole downhaul to be run down and cleated at deck level or through deck in front of mast.

    3. Clam cleats or barber hauler at shrouds? Both seem simple enough but not sure which way to go.

    4. Is there any set dimensions for the position of the through deck blocks through the stern side benches? Seem to be positioned as far aft & as far outboard as practical. Just a little concerned over the load pulling on 6mm plwood, so may put a backing piece underneath.

    5. Finally cleating at the thwart, I would rather not have the expense and trouble of cutting inline blocks into the thwart with a jam cleat at end or side. If I use a turning block and a simple jamming cleat at each side will this be adequate?

    Thanks and apologies for the ramblings but it seems that for a totally inexperienced kite flyer like myself there just seems to be too many options !!!

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