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    Can anyone point me at a source of info for fitting a symmetrical spinnaker system to a Mk2 please? I appreciate it’s too big a topic for anyone to answer in detail on this forum. Although a relative novice I have the W book, and get the general picture, but articles and/or a diagram with some measurements must exist somewhere, e.g. distance from thwart to deck sheaves on rear side decks.

    I’m also looking for most of the bits. I have a couple of used “starter” sails. New poles seem quite reasonably priced, but I can only find spin. bags at a pretty hefty £130 or so. All other gear still needed. Any good sources for spinnaker related stuff?

    I am just about to put a wanted ad in in the “Bits” section.


    😕 W9369 Windrush


    We have used two laundry baskets (smallish) for the spinny. they sit one each side, are tied together with elastic behind the mast. As crew I like them, and the spinny can be put into them in haste, (you know – that later than last minute drop before the mark) and easy to sort out when things have eased and the helm realises that he needs to let the crew sort out because it needs to be ready for a throw rather than a hoist.

    We do have a small plastic hook on the foward side and facing up at the bottom of the shroud just to capture the haliyard in,and we rarely have a problem with it (only with the throw esp if it windy!!)


    Margaret is right (as usual 🙂 ) – I used laundry baskets on 6666 and 2605 – lightweight, cheap, tough and they drain!

    One thing with spinnaker sheets on a MK2, though is that if you go for the fairlead going under the deck (just forward of the buoyancy tank) then you need to be careful to route the sheets so that they don’t foul the bouyancy under the side decks. I can only suggest that you have a look at some other Mk2’s before any drilling, or indeed any expense.

    Looking forward to W sailing again sometime soon and a happy and prosperous new year to everyone………


    We do not use either bags or basket for the spinnaker, it is just stowed under the foredeck in the well either side of the mast. Mk 1 woody, but I assume same for Mk2. No need to stuff it in a bag, just pull it in over the foredeck and stuff it inside the boat. The crew sometimes needs to push it forward after the drop to avoid treading on it. The halyard is clipped into a plastic clip (HA248) on the shroud adjustment plate and the sheets clipped in too when it is windy. When hoisting, the halyard releases itself and the sheets at the same time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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