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    Hello, I’m racing my Mk1 cruiser at my local sailing club and now achieving some respectable results (well at least we’re not coming last anymore)!

    However, the area that really lets us down is our spinnaker handling. By the time we’ve dug the pole up from the bottom of the boat, attached the uphaul/dowhaul and guy and raised the spinnaker we are usually at the leeward mark, and it’s time to get it all down again! 🙄

    Looking at the pictures of racing Wayfarers in the magazines, it seems that the best place to store the spinnaker pole is on the boom.

    What do the racers recommend for this? I’ve seen a number of different set-ups and I would like to use something that is simple and effective, that I can attach to the old gold boom of my Mk1 without drilling too many holes. 😉

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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