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    How do you route your spinnaker halyard?

    At present I don’t like the way mine was routed, as inherited from the former owner.

    It comes out of the mast foot and goes directly to a cam cleat with wire fairlead at the rear of the c’board case. It rubs on the top of the c’board case as it goes from the top to down the side then goes thru 90degrees as it passes through the fairlead.

    With 2 spots where halyard rubs on the c’board case and thru the fairlead there’s more friction than I want.

    The best route I can think of would be from mast foot to a block underneath the thwart then down to the rear of the c’board case and through another block, with a cam cleat after that.

    Am I on the right lines? How do you route yours?


    Hi Algol

    if your boat is a GRP then one suggestion would be to put a bush through the centre board case (where it curves up to join the thwart) making certian that it runs in a horizontal line between the bottom of the mast and the cleat (to minimise friction ont the sides there will be friction on the base of the bush) this should help. I am sure that others on the Forum will give suggestions as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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