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    I have a wooden wayfarer and am trying to find spinnaker storage bags for racing. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I would get these? ….or if there is a better alternative???




    I used to have racing bags but I removed them in lieu of a simple bungee solution. Though racing bags allow the spinnaker to be pulled from the bag as if they are chutes they also limit the amount of space the crew gets. And also anything stowed in front of them (in front of the mast) becomes unreachable.

    I was made to decide to make the cockpit a bit roomier and allow my crew, to whom I am married, a bit more leg space by removing the bags and creating two bungee cord squares between the front benches and the front buoyancy tank. The bungee holds a piece of webbing in place, the sort yachts use on their sea rail to protect toddlers. Others have made a similar arrangement below the front seats or have webbing both under as well as in front of the seats.

    When the spinnaker is taken down it first goes to the floor and when all is set for the new course the crew stows it in its webbing, and before setting we first have to take it from the webbing before hoisting to avoid damage. It is not as convenient as racing bags but we are prepared to accept that.

    Chute style racing bags can be made by any sail maker that knows the Wayfarer. I believe Mike Mac also makes square bags that are strung over the floor in front of the mast but I never used that type. Perhaps they are a nice compromise between racing bags and the bungee/webbing I just described.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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