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    I need some spinnaker bags. Does anyone have a recommendation for type or make? I currently just stow it on the deck under the foredeck on my Mk1 woody, but have a lovely new spinnaker and would like to take care of it.


    This forum has a ‘search’ function. The subject was discussed about a month ago:


    Hi John,

    I got a pair of bags from Michael Mac……. £50. They sit either side of the mast step and are pretty big. I havent used them yet but they look a lot better than the two big buckets I have been using. I think I also saw bags on one of the other websites, at £120. Michael will also make them in a colour that suits i.e. a colour that you dont have in your spinnaker!


    Thanks, I have seen Mike Macs bags and they seem pretty big to me, taking up a lot of deck space and not much of a move forward from my current systen. What I am really looking for is the type of back with an elasticated opening in the top and halyard bags on the side, like I have seen on other classes eg. 420

    I have not used the search button on this forum before, it works really well – thanks Swiebertje

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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