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    The Chandlery Manufacturing company ‘SPINLOCK’ have very kindly offered to sponsor prizes for the Western Area Championships. To be awarded to a selection of lucky winners…’some will be spot prizes’ …will be examples of a new range of dinghy cleats recently launched by the company valued at between ?23 and ?35 and eminently suited to use on the Wayfarer as recent testing has proved.
    This generous contribution of several hundred pounds worth of ‘Spinlock’ cleats will add something special to the competition in just a few days time.


    Thanks for posting this Liam.

    The cleats are a new range we’ve just released called the PXR and i have been testing them for the past year on my Wayfarer. For further details have a look at:

    In particular we’ll be supplying the PXR0810/T which is ideally suited to Wayfarer main sheet applications. It’s design allows easy fitting onto a swivel arm using the existing holes of a traditional cam cleat.


    Hope we’ll see you at Starcross, Roger!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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