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    Andrew Morrice

    This weekend is going to be my early spring check-over day.  I already know of one problem and have been wondering if I need to worry about it.  I have the standard selden spreaders with the purple bottle-screw adjusters.


    These grey fittings that hold the butt of the bottles are slightly rattly and loose, and I am uncertain how concerned to be about this or what the best course of action would be.

    drill out the rivets and re-revit?

    buy new fittings and rivet these in place? (not sure how that differs from option one)

    keep calm and carry on?

    your thoughts on this, dear Wayfarers, will be much appreciated.

    Boris – W6330 “Delphy”.


    Hi, Boris,

    As the rivets aren’t gripping the brackets as tightly as they should, it would be best repair them now, before any more damage is caused.  It’s most likely that it’s just the rivet heads which are no longer gripping the bracket as tightly as they should, rather than the bracket holes or mast holes having enlarged.

    Drill off the rivet heads only using a drill of the same diameter as the rivet shank.     You might have to partially drill down through the bracket to help remove the bracket.  Take your time with the drill.  Slow speed and not too much pressure on a cordless drill gives you plenty of time to see what’s happening.  Don’t drill the rivet right through the mast as you might enlarge the hole in the mast. then pin punch the remaining piece into the mast. Provided the holes in the mast haven’t enlarged, you can just fit the same diameter rivets, Monel, most likely.  If they have become enlarged due to looseness  , use the next rivet size up.

    Regards,  davdor


    Andrew Morrice

    really helpful answer Dave – good thoughts on how to drill out rivets.  I have a good selection of bits and rivets to use.


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