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    Just taken delivery of a bare Wayfarer World hull. Exciting!
    First question- no bowsprit and no provision for one. Was this a factory-fit option when new? I’m not bothered about the lack of this feature as I’ll be using the spinnaker gear from my MkI anyway.
    Another question- the boat’s self-bailers have been removed, apaprently they were beyond repair. Is it completely essential to replace these? Obviously I need to do something about the large holes in the hull but a pair of bailers will be pretty expensive. I’ve sailed a few Wayfarers of the older kind which had no bailers fitted, and the World has the benefit of the transom flaps. On the other hand perhaps fitting new bailers would be easier than glassing up the holes.
    The other thing missing is the covers for the inspection hatches- can I buy these somewhere?

    Thanks in advance,



    Re bailers:
    They work great and are worth the investment. Actually I think they are essential safety-wise.
    You can glass the transom openings – that’s (almost) useless on World in my experience.
    Good luck!


    Maybe I will bite the bullet and fit new bailers.
    Which of these would be best?



    The holes in the hull measure about 118x59mm which suggests the ‘super shute’ bailers would fit best… but would these have been the design fitted originally?


    Trident chandlers show both types as being fitted to the Wayfarer hull.

    By the size of the opening in your hull, then the Super Shute 90 appears to be the correct one.
    The Trident price is also cheaper but it may still be worth searching for the best deal.


    Well the Super Shutes look like the better fit. And on closer inspection it seems that the boat has old filled-in bolt holes for the Elvstrom bailers so it must have had those originally, then swapped to the Super Shutes.
    A bit alarming that such a new boat appears to have gone through two sets of bailers! Are the Super Shutes any good? I’m a bit wary of them being plastic, are they more vulnerable to damage than stainless ones?


    The Super Shute 90 requires a hole size of 117mm x 59mm.
    The Elvstrom/Andersen requires a hole size of 110mm x 54mm.
    Choose the one that is closest to your existing aperture size.

    The bailers are not subject to wear and tear in normal use so either material will be suitable.
    I have not used the plastic type for comparison but I suspect the SS may be more robust if subjected to rough treatment.

    Bob Harland

    As I recall, the plastic bailers are less likely to harm the crew when/if the boat capsizes – you would normally sail with them open, and the outboard position means you would easily catch them scrambling back into the boat. So plastic bailers were normally fitted.

    Incidentally, they are pretty essential in the World.

    hope that helps


    Thanks for the replies. Trident do seem to be the cheapest for the bailers and to make life easy I will just go for the Super Shutes.

    I’ve tried the mast from my MkI and it fits perfectly- so good news there.

    The rudder can be made to fit but I will need to move the top fitting down a few cm- the transom fittings on the World are closer together but otherwise the same.

    Porters can supply the hatches but it seems I have to buy the whole unit at £10 each which is a bit frustrating when all I need is the covers. There goes an extra £30…. Maybe try Trident for these too but I’d want to make sure they were the right fit so that I don’t have to install a complete new hatch.

    I’m going to take a while to get used to how different the World is. Is it a very wet boat? Do most people fit a cover over the chute?



    Bob Harland

    We used to fit a cover over the chute and tape it down – water also came in through the bowsprit hole, which you don’t have. And of course transom flaps would let in water – when the boat was going at a reasonable speed but not planing – so again we taped these up.

    As for water over the foredeck we thought the World was a dryer boat.

    Since there are no bilges in the World the crew is standing/sitting in any water that does get in – hence the need for bailers.


    Funny that the World is drier- I’d have thought that without the V-board more water would come aboard. Good to hear though.

    About the hatch covers- obviously it’s much easier to just buy hatches that fit the old openings and then there’s no work involved. Presumably life isn’t that simple though. What make/model of hatches would have been originally fitted? I know they are about 6″ but it seems that I can get that size of hatch from various different manufacturers.

    Secondly, I’ve been having a closer look at how the centreboard will fit into the boat. Looking into the casing, there’s a metal pivot bar, in the middle of which I can see some exposed threads. Presumably this is made of two pieces of steel, one of which threads inside the other. Should they not meet in the middle?
    Also, does anybody have a photo of a World centreboard to show how the ‘slot’ works by which it slides over the pivot bolt?




    Pin?ika – W World 10435 has:
    3 x HA537 under foredeck
    1x HA337 at transom
    Doesn’t necessarily mean that your boats should be the same, but you could check these first.

    Colin Parkstone

    Rob Hi,
    I would say NOT to use the Super Shute bailers on a boat which is moored on the water.
    They do not work well and do leak water but the plastic is safer to the hands.
    I have heard from many people that they have trouble with them and the Elvstrom bailer is worth the money by far and that is what I have found for many years of use in all my boats.
    My new boat comes this sunday and I have had Elvstrom fitted from the start and will take the chance with them being hard on the hands.

    C P 😀


    Thansk for that, Colin. And I was just about to order the Super-Shutes this morning- glad I waited a few days!
    The Elvstroms in my MkI have never let me down- I was a bit wary about using plastic ones instead.

    I still have one problem to resolve- the centreboard. I haven’t been able to find a drawing or even just a photo to show a World board. Anybody able to help me out with this? 😀


    @Colin Parkstone wrote:

    Rob Hi,
    I would say NOT to use the Super Shute bailers on a boat which is moored on the water.
    They do not work well and do leak water but the plastic is safer to the hands.
    I have heard from many people that they have trouble with them and the Elvstrom bailer is worth the money by far and that is what I have found for many years of use in all my boats.
    My new boat comes this sunday and I have had Elvstrom fitted from the start and will take the chance with them being hard on the hands.

    C P 😀

    Andersen/Elvestrom bailers have arrived, but they don’t really fit- life is never easy eh. I can’t get more than one bolt hole to line up. Best I can see myself doing would be drilling new holes- which will be very close to the edge of the cutout left by the larger Super Shute- and then relying on a bit of sikaflex as backup. I would also be left with a gap between the cutout and the protuding part of the bailer- again due to the cutout being too large. This gap will presmably not be good for speed! Sikaflex could fill it in but leave a rubbery surface. Gelcoat filler would leave a better finish but I can’t see it staying there, as it would mostly be trying to stick to the stainless steel of the bailer.

    All in all, it doesn’t really look like it will work. So plan B would be to fabricate a thin stainless plate which would bridge the gap- i.e. it would have bolt holes at the wider spacings to suit the super-shute, but would also have the correct spacings for the Andersen. It would provide a secure mounting, but still leave me with the gap between the bailer and the cutout. It would also introduce a new problem, that the bailer would be having to deal with additional thickness, and would now be somewhat recessed into the hull.

    Plan C would be to glass over the whole area and start afresh, with the correct sizes cutout and correctly spaced bolt holes, but again this introduces problems, as the hull would now be too thick and I would need longer bolts and would end up with the bailer significantly recessed into the hull. Aargh!

    So, given all of the above, just how bad are the Super-Shutes? I got my Andersens from SailSport (who, by the way, were excellent to deal with, free delivery, good prices, dispatched same day) and I have seven days to return them, so have to do something quite soon.

    P.S. Colin, how is the new boat?


    I have Super- Shutes fitted to my World and have no problems with them. If fitted well they are water proof and maintenance free. But do ensure they are clean to avoid any leaks.

    Given all the other problems you mention in fitting something you feel is more robust I would go for the ones that fit. Just ensure they are closed when you launch from the trolley to avoid any chance of ripping one off.

    As Bob says they are esential for a World. The transom flaps are very useful if the boat is full of water but can be generally taped up otherwise. Also if you want to keep the boat even dryer consider a slot gasket (which also reduces noise).

    If you want a contact to make a cover for the spinnaker chute at the front then PM me.

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