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    hi all

    mine took storm damage recently, the main strap holding it to the base snapped, stayed tied to the front tho and to the dinghy park railings, so ended up on its side next to the boat next to it and ‘rocked’ there till i was informed by the pier master. short notice before going to work, i tied it in position best i could, it went thru the next storm like that. mast snapped is the worst damage. managed to get 5 friends together to winch it back on the base. yet to determine full extent of the damage…… apart from the mast

    so i think i am looking for a new mast !!!

    anyone know the value of a dismasted mk 2 wayfarer circa 1973 ?

    waiting to hear from insurers…


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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