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    Is anyone in a sailing club that has a slipway winch?  Our club is looking to install one and I’m keen to obtain recommendations /advice to get us started off on the right track.



    Yes we have a petrol powered winch at my club, it is far from an electricity supply so has to be powered by an engine.  If I could get a cable to it that would be preferred as there is a lot less to go wrong with an electric motor.

    Ours has a very reliable Honda engine for which spare parts are readily available, it is the same engine that also powers lawn mowers etc.

    It has to be insured and to satisfy the insurers has to be inspected by an engineer once a year. I think inspection plus premiums come to about £600 pa.

    We are also required by the insurers to only allow trained personnel to use the winch, sensible because there are several things that could go wrong and spoil your whole day.  We solved this by making and posting a YouTube video of how to use it safely and we require those members likely to use the winch ( ie heavy boat owners or those who launch and retrieve the Committee boat) to sign up a statement that they have watched the video.

    Finally,  the enclosure should be secure, protecting the winch from the elements and also from unpermitted use. I am in the process of sourcing a heavily built plastic crate to fit over the winch which will be padlocked closed, key held by the OOD who will have a list of those who have signed a statement to say they have watched the training video.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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