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    I’m at the reassembly stage with W918 and have “forgotten” where to put my sliding failrelad and the track.Could anyone please take look at the attached photos and advise on where they might be located?
    I’m planning to bolt the track to a slim piece of timber under the deck.




    You may find this helpful.
    Look near the bottom of the page.

    Colin Parkstone

    One point to make about you photo, the cleat and track you have on the deck is for the PORT side of the boat, not starboard.

    The fairlead is raised at the forward end on each side, they come as a handed pair.
    You may know this but !!!

    The article will say the tracks will need to go on the side benches?

    If your racing the boat it is the only place to put them but they will be under the soft part of the body and cruising people I hear have softer bums than us racing sailors !!

    But then when you sit on the side deck they will find your soft side as well so may just as well put them in the best place !!



    yes , i noticed that and the incorrect side, and fortuantely I have just found an old photo that shows me where they werefitted before I ripped off the old decking Phew!!)


    Why have them at all if you’re not planning to race much, and even then it’s questionable if you will ever need to alter the track position? In any case, I’m just looking at the beautiful decking you have, and feel it would be a shame to ruin the finish. At least if you mount them between the slats at the front benches to a thick piece of ply attached underneath, then you can always get rid of them without marking any brightwork. There are pics and suggestions from Uncle Al on the Whiffle site.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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