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    Not too crucial this one but so what? Moored to a pontoon with a light breeze coming side on to the boat I found the slapping of the ripples made the aft locker sound like a drum….even through my feather pillow (such a delicate constitution!)……….tried to fill the locker to dampen the drum but no joy……….rotated the boat 180 degrees on the pontoon still no joy……..should have rotated myself 180 degrees to get away from the locker but it looked a bit cramped …………just wondering if anchoring head to wind would have been a more peaceful option…….I’m not complaining…..slept like a log in the end……..


    If the new Hartley Mk XX goes the same way as the Wanderer you’d be able to remove the thwart, creating palatial and double-ended accomodation!



    … it is well understood by Hartleys that floor height in relation to thwart is significant for sleeping on board. The capsize characterisics, stability, and water clearance will determine to a large extent the floor height and will be optimised I am sure by Phil Morrison. It is understood at the last ukwa meeting that Hartleys brief to the designer includes finding a sleeping solution, because this aspect is vital to marketing of the cruising version. However, it is too early to say what the solution will be! Ray


    I am pleased to note that the ergonomics of cruising are to be taken into account in the Hartley project.

    As an indication – at 1m94 and 130kg (thats about 6’4″ and 20 stone in old money) I am probably one of the more difficult customers when it comes to finding space on a boat.

    A quick measurement shows that I measure 35 cm across the knees and 40cm at about mid thigh. Add 5cm at least for mattress and sleeping bag and I would require a minimum of around 45 cms between top of floorboard and bottom of thwart… which is why the Wanderer system with a removable thwart seems such an attractive idea.


    Appreciate the excitement re. the new Wayfarer but getting a new boat was not quite the answer I wanted to hear!………talking of comfort though…….my one luxury the other night was a folding chair with a high back and head support………Really nice lying back and putting my feet up on the aft locker…….instead of knees up, bent forward on the low thwart trying to digest too many sausages, kettle chips and John Smiths…..
    So back to my original question……should I have rotated the pontoon so I could point head to wind? (feet to wind!)


    Yes – head to wind is always much quieter (have just suffered a night on the lee side of a creek on a pontoon – very noisy!). If possible I always choose the lee side of pontoons, which does make a difference.

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