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    Hi all,

    Would be really interested if anyone has any experience or advice they can offer in relation to a sbingle beach  issue!

    I want to keep my mk 1 at the top of a shingle beach for the season. I launched there this weekend, and that was fine, but recovery was a pig. I used a 750lb WARN drill winch to pull the boat and trolley up the beach, but failed, because the trolley wheels just dug in in the fine shingle at the waterline. Had to go out again and come back via the nearest slipway instead.

    So I’m thinking of 2 options. The first is to get two lengths of plastic half piping and run them over the shingle and into the water, so the trolley wheels go up those instead, again using the winch.


    The second is to dispense with the trolley.  I’ve got some big inflatable rollers, so could winch the boat up the beach on those. But then she’d be sitting on her hull on flat ground when not in use.  Is that likely to damage her? I guess I could put her back on the trolley from the rollers.




    Another possible solution might be to make long skids from plywood,  Aluminium or steel strips and turned up at the ends, attached under the wheels and/or trolley so the wheels don’t sink into the shingle due to the greater surface area of the skids.

    Like snowshoes.

    Your halved drainpipes sound a lot easier though


    Can you get wider / bigger trolley wheels to spread the load better? We have this same issue but with soft sand, fortunately our club have some hefty winches and once hooked up to those there is no issue. Launching (downhill!) can actually be harder to achieve and frequently requires us to rope in passers by for a shove 🙂


    Thanks! Will try that too

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