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    Andrew Graham


    I have bought a lovely mk2 Wayfarer with little use and I hope to get some good use from it and have lots of ideas to enjoy it. I could do with some help on a few things if you could help me out:

    1. It was supplied as a boat to a training school that went bust and it went into storage for many years. It was supplied by Proctor but does not have a sail number. What do I need to do to get this registered or do I just choose the number from the sail supplied?

    2. I have a furling unit on the jib which annoyingly entangles on the forestay. What do I need to do to stop this as I want to get my wife into sailing and the furling jib is an important part of this.

    3. The rudder is in great shape with an RWO stock and a wooden blade. The downhaul (?) is very difficult and I wondered how best to fix this possibly with a simple ratio pull?

    4. Trailering is important in my plans. Has anyone got designs for a good trailerboard suited to mast and boom maybe? I have the usual metal laser arrangement which is too low for the mast support and ideally I would like something to hold the boom too. Also what do people do across the beam to support a ratchet strap?

    I am sure there will be more things I need to know and I do hope you can guide me in the above. Looking forward to receiving the benefit of the wisdom from other experienced members.

    Many thanks


    Bob Harland

    Hi Andy,
    Answering some of your points;

    1) Registration – I guess you have checked that there is no boat number plate on the centreboard case – usually just aft of the thwart, and no sign of there having been one. It is possible that your boat was supplied without the copyright holders license fee being paid – and hence no plate. Hartley boats hold the copyright now – you could try contacting them to see if they will help.
    If this is the case, you cannot get a Wayfarer sail number – unless Hartley’s will give you one.

    2) Furling Jib: Discs are available to fit on the upper swivel to space the forestay away from the jib, or perhaps diy.

    3) Rudder downhaul: always had mixed success with ours – sometimes an arm in the water is required.

    4) Trailing – ratchet strap: if you are using a ratchet strap go easy on the tension, just take the slack out – otherwise the hull will be squashed. We just had the strap with no extra support with our plastic boat, but we are on wood now and use a strongback – a chunky piece of timber slightly wider that the boat which stops the boat being squashed.
    Store the boom inside the boat.

    We strap the mast to the boat transom- not the tailboard.

    hope that helps


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