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    Ok so I’ve tried various agents to service my Suzuki 2.5 outboard each year, paid the bill, and really haven’t noticed much improvement. My question is very simple, how difficult is it to service an outboard properly so that I can be assured that everything really has been done correctly? Is there anyone out there who can explain what needs to be done yearly and describe clearly how to do it? Most importantly I need to know how to service and look after the carburretor as any problems I have seem to be based there after wintering…old fuel etc.


    Now that’s a good question, it equally applies to my Mariner 3.3 except that mine hasn’t had any attention đŸ˜³

    I look forward to seeing some replies

    Colin Parkstone

    This sounds like an item to have at a weekend get together, only thing is could you get an engineer to give away all his secrets and this livelihood ?? That aside, it would help many people to look after their engines better than we do at the moment.
    In these cash strapped days having an engine serviced is not cheap so we sometimes dont pay out to get it done but we could take on the job with some reassuring help! CP


    The yachting magazines run articles on this occasionally. It doesn’t look very hard at all, especially for 2 strokes.
    I must confess I’ve never got around to servicing my own Tohatsu, but I have checked the plug occasionally and even had the leg and powerhead apart at one stage because the gear shift was slipping.


    That sounds like a great idea Colin. I use Solent Suzuki for spares, and I have seen a very basic video on servicing an outboard prepared by them. I’m sure it would interest them to do a demonstration as well as give them an opportunity to promote?


    I found the attached on the Drascombe site:

    I hope this helps,



    Our Honda 2.3hp came with a very comprehensive manual that includes a detailed section on maintenance. I follow that once a year when putting the outboard away. Dealer servicing at £90(I think) would buy me a new motor every 5 years so is not cost effective. Admittedly we probably do only 10-20 hours/year so it has very light use. I’m not sure that a training session on servicing outboards would add much to the manual, even if you could get a mechanic to run such a course, and presumably each make and model is different. Perhaps obtaining a manufacturer’s manual is the first step. As they say if all else fails read the instructions! đŸ˜³

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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