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    Happy New Year Y’all

    I have some questions about repairing my self bailers, which I haven’t been able to really get at through a careful search on the forum for “self bailer”.

    Looking elsewhere, I found the following article which I think may prove of interest to us all – it was only put up in June 2012 and is worth a look as it shows how to replace the internal seal gaskets without taking the bailer out of the hull.
    the same technique is described on the WIT site, but the article above has more detail, as well as photos of the process which is really helpful. It ends with a couple of US sites that sell the seal gasket only (rather than a full “repair kit” with spacing gaskets and rivets included). Sadly although this looks like a bargain – even with postage – it turns out one site is non-functioning and the other have not updated their catalogue – so the only option is to buy the full kit rather than just a inner seal gasket and there are plenty of UK sites selling these.

    Whilst we’re at it, this article shows the process of rebuilding bailers

    So much for the leaking my other problem is to do with rust. There is rust coming from one corner of one of the bailers – it is bleeding through the paintwork both inside and outside the boat and thus is BAD NEWS: if rust is coming out I can only assume water can get in (and thus possibly into the hull ply) by the same route. Given that the bailer is stainless steel, I’m a bit suprised it is rusting. The bolts visible inside are not rusty so it can’t be a soft steel bolt causing the problem. Does anyone know what might be responsible for this? Sealing compounds? Rivets? Water Nymphs? Do I need to worry?

    If it needs to come out (which is a shame because it is the more watertight of the pair), I want to avoid future problems with it so I’d appreciate any words of wisdom on whether to simply clean it up and put it back in, or replace it.

    cheers for now

    Boris W6330 Delphy

    Bob Harland

    Stainless steel can corrode. It is quite common to see rust stains on boats from stainless fittings. So what you are seeing may be quite normal.
    More info here
    It is also very easy for stainless steel to be contaminated during manufacture – contact with (normal) steel tooling for instance. This will leave particles of steel that will quickly rust.

    It may be sufficient to burnish off the rust. Then be careful to fully rinse any salt water off the boat after use. Sponge the boat dry and make sure the cover keeps out as much water as possible.

    Hope that helps.

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