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    Does anyone have a second hand mast looking for a good home?

    Needs to be one with sheaves at the foot.

    I’m happy to pay a fair price but a new one is out of my price range.



    Got one here. Its broken in to three pieces, nothing that a bit of duct tape and some putty can’t fix.
    Seriously, nobody does away with his mast unless it is broken or in some other way utterly unusable.

    However, you don’t have to buy a new mast as advertised. Seldén/Proctor also sells a bare mast, the aluminium profile tapered at the top. It takes a few hours to cut it to length, drill the holes and move the small parts from the old mast to the new one. Though the supplier uses a fancy milling machine it can also be done with some patience and elbow grease with nothing more then a (battery) power drill and some files. I did it last summer with my boom and paid about one third of what a ready made boom with all the parts attached would have set me back. Ask your supplier about it or better call Seldén/Proctor direct.

    Questions don’t cost, only the answers do.


    I was quite fortunate to find a mast last year, through a wanted ad on Apolloduck.
    They also come up on eBay from time to time- try making a saved search and sit back for a few weeks.
    Transport can be an issue though!


    I might be imagining it but did I see one advertised the the classifieds on this here site??



    Thanks for the replies, yes there was one in the classifieds but was sold a week ago.

    I have a search set up on ebay so will wait and see what turns up.

    I will investigate getting a blank mast as suggested by sweet-bertie

    Colin Parkstone

    If you can get a tube only, get me one will you. I was in the trade and i was never able too!! CP


    Watch this space……………………………


    @Colin Parkstone wrote:

    If you can get a tube only, get me one will you. I was in the trade and i was never able too!! CP

    Colin you were right, seems a nice tight closed shop.

    See my other post regarding spinnaker running rigging.


    If anyone is interested there is a second hand Wayfarer Proctor/Selden mast for sale on Apollo Duck. I believe it may the same one that is also on Ebay. There is also a rudder stock and blade on Apollo Duck, Keith.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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