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    Dave Bevan

    Seem to have lost any ability to search the forum? Don’t think its a browser issue, and I’m logged in?

    IE11 with Windows 8
    Safari on IOS
    IE8 on XP (Company laptop 🙄 )


    If all else fails try this on your browser’s URL line: site:

    The “site” directive is really useful and can be used in many ways. For example: Suppose I am looking to buy a Wayfarer but I want to limit my search to the UK: “wayfarer for sale” (The quotes force Google to take the search sentence literally).


    The new forum has a search bar which enables you to search through the content of the forums. Type the subject in there and it should bring up all the entries.


    Try searching for messages concerned with, for example, searching the forum.

    I got the result that no messages match my criterion.

    Similarly by looking at every topic in Cruising and the first few in Technical I found a message entitled “Forehatch on a Plus S”, posted in May 2012, in Technical (exactly what I wanted to learn about) but I can’t retrieve that message through the search bar.

    Is there something I am missing?

    If, when you are browsing the message topics, get 10 or 15 pages in, and decide to look at a particular message in detail, then when you come out of the message you are back at the beginning of the category (Cruising, Technical or whatever), and have to page through all the message topics again to resume browsing.

    The messages are organised as a push-down stack, with most recent on top, which obviously makes sense.  However, the message in Technical that is so valuable to me is today on page 7, but when a few more messages are posted it will come to be on page 8, with no unique reference I can identify except the date it was posted.  is there any way to provide a fixed identifying key for messages?

    The Forum messages are an extremely valuable resource, but on the basis of what I understand they are not very accessible.  Given the standard of searching we have become used to through internet search engines, is there any way to make the messages searchable to a similar standard?  Would it be practicable to put the whole lot on a CD to be bought by anyone who wants to search text files with a word processor?




    I hope I don’t sound ungracious or ungrateful – I really value the Forum’s content and the effort that has gone in and is still going on (a) to create the content and (b) to make that content available to us all.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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