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    I’m afraid I swear by my 40+ seagull which has pushed my Wayfarer 100’s of miles without complaining. I can keep it, bracket and fuel all in the rear hatch. The engine is simple to maintain afloat and they are so cheap I carry a complete spare engine in my car so a holiday is never spoiled. (Once in Brittany the waterpump failed) Downside NOISE!!
    I have used a 40+ direct drive which has a 10:35 gearbox and get approx 4Knts full of cruising gear. Last summer I went up the Shannon (212km) with a lot of motor sailing (NW Winds!). We used a 40+ with clutch and weedless prop and only got 3Knts. The clutch model gearbox is 12:30. But the clutch is very handy
    Has anyone any experience of (ie speed)
    1) seagull century with clutch
    2) seagull century prop on 40+ engine with clutch
    Please no messages telling me Seagull is unreliable etc etc. They need to be properly maintained. Mine has been fine!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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