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    Hello everyone,

    I am most likely to buy a good used seagull engine and am ken to find out which model members recomend.

    I was considering the 40 plus, but am unsure as to whether these a powerfull enough and whether I should go for a silver century.

    The sailing I do will vary from holidays onthe broads to visits to the river Dart, Salcombe, Plymouth etc.

    any advice gratefully received.

    8091 SD mk2


    I have a forty plus. Does the job well. Noisey but reliable. Just make sure you get a Seagul that uses 25:1 not 10:1 like the very old models (they can be converted mind you) or you will choke to death in the smoke cloud. Later models also have breakerless ignition so again less to go wrong.


    Thanks for the advice



    I’m sure I’ll be attacked by a raging mob for saying this, but unless you drive a sidevalve Morris Minor and listen to the Home Service on the wireless and play Max Bygraves on your gramophone, there are so many outboards that are so much better; cleaner, quieter,more efficient, lighter, not to mention F&N gears and full circle steering. Ever since we learned to pronounce words like Yamaha and Suzuki, the venerable Seagull has faded into history.


    Suzuki 2.5 does the job perfectly

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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