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    Has anyone had experience of one of these sail feeders thinking of fitting one to make sail feeding easy I have found it to be more difficult some times sail twists or snags when reeling when wind is up I think this might help does it work.
    What size do you fit has anyone had experiacne for best results of fitting.

    Dave Barker

    Hi Marmalade!

    We used to have these on the training boats (Laser Stratos, not Wayfarers) at Notts County, but they tended to cause as many difficulties as they solved (torn sails etc.) This was probably as much operator error as the device itself, but I think most Wayfarers manage without.

    In my experience, once the sail has started feeding into the groove correctly (for me this is key) it will continue up the mast groove nicely, usually with a bit of guidance/feeding with either my own left hand (hoist with right as halyard is on that side) or with help from my crew. It’s usually a case of needing to pull downwards slightly from about 12 – 18 inches below the start of the mast groove

    My advice, for what it’s worth, would be to make sure that all the components which affect the sail hoist – halyard, cleat, sheaves, luff groove, sail – are properly specified and maintained to a high standard. Then provided you hoist and drop head-to-wind I’m confident that you won’t struggle. Some teflon or silicon spray on sheaves and along the mast groove can make a big difference, or even candle wax.

    A number of factors can increase friction and make the hoist difficult, including the halyards being crossing inside the mast, or the halyard diameter being much too large in diameter, the luff rope in the sail may be too fat to slide within the mast groove, or the halyard may make too many turns (its path takes it round too many different blocks/sheaves) along its length, etc.

    I’ll be interested to hear other opinions on this.

    Good luck!


    A sailfeeder is a solution to a non-existent problem IMHO.

    However, on a new mast with a freshly milled sail entry gate you may want to take a small round file and/or some sand paper and remove any burrs, sharp edges and what not, to prevent the sail being grabbed, or worse ripped, by the entry gate’s corners.


    Thanks for the replays I think I will have a good look at the mast grove the sails are new and so is the sheaves are all new I use a 5 mm halyard I have lub it with silicone spray this has made a big improvement mast looks good and has no damage to it apart from normal wear.
    I was interested to see what opinions there was to sail feeders do they work are they more sail frendly as in less wear or damage as in forcing them is not good and should not be so.

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