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    Has anyone experimented with setting up a WF for sculling (one oar) off the back. Wondering what sort of rowlock set up would be required,


    Trevor (Mk 2)



    Dave Barker

    My only comment would be that the back tank perhaps leaves you standing further forward in the boat than you really want to be. If you’re kneeling on the back tank you’re in a less efficient stance. (Standing on the back tank doesn’t bear thinking about). Good question though. Anyone?

    Andrew Morrice

    You have a traveller I think, Trev, which rules out the very very simple solution of putting a rowlock in the upper rudder pintle.  You’d want to be very very sure of that fitting though!



    On my wooden boat I removed the (unused) traveller rail and screwed on one of these

    It fits on the top of the transom, offset from the centre, beside the cut-out in transom for tiller. It’s the only experience I’ve had of sculling but works ok as far as I can tell. Certainly handy for coming alongside compared with having an oar sticking out the side as in rowing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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