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    Ok, so figured that i’d take advice from various friends as I wanted to sail in Poole Harbour for a few days with one of my daughters who is 19 and and hard to please. (takes after the wife). I have researched my copy of Good launch Guide and pencilled in the following: Redcliffe Farm (Fareham) @£12 per day, choice of camping or B and B available plus the best location as I want to be able to sail everywhere. i really would appreciate any advice or alternative suggestions to make this a great adventure as I feel I’m running out of ideas to stimulate the teenager.

    Sea Lancer

    Redcliffe Farm is a fair way up the River Frome towards Wareham. Sailing from here will mean utilsing the tides, particularly to get back up the river. There are other places in the harbour to launch which are much easier and give better access to the harbour and beyond. I will send you a personal message to arrange to speak to you.


    Dave Bevan

    Tempest – We day-sailed from Parkstone last Spring – see my log online here. Options for short passages within the harbour, or more adventure outside – we sailed to Studland but Swanage or even Lulworth are possible at a stretch – much more diffucult if you’re starting up the Frome. Public slip available at Baiter park I think, but talk to Evenstar – we got a very warm welcome at Parkstone.


    You may have seen it already, but the current edition of Yachting Monthly features a cruising guide to Poole Harbour.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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