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    Matt Thomas


    I was new to dinghy sailing this year, having previously sailed only yachts.

    We’ve made something of a slow start since we bought our Wayfarer W6927, MkII GRP last February. From our maiden voyage on the Cotswold lakes in June, we’ve had some good times on it, but we’ve yet to due her proper justice.

    Something isn’t quite right with the mainsail setup, as the boom lies low in the boat. It is a struggle to raise the main to the very top, and the sails may have seen better days. I am wondering:

    • are there any good sources of info (we already have the Wayfarer Book, but it doesn’t truly address this specific problem)?
    • are there common causes and cures?

    Any thoughts would be most welcome.

    All the best,


    Jonathan Ferguson

    Matt, if I had to put money on it I’d guess that your luff rope has shrunk, which means you can’t get the head of the sail right to the top and so the back of the boom sags down. Good news: you can fix this yourself! Check that it is actually shrunk (the front edge of the sail, the luff, will be all crinkly). Then there should be some stitching at the bottom of the embedded luff rope which you can remove. Then stretch the sail with a second person, and re-secure the luff rope in its new position. Hope that helps!


    I agree with Jonathan. The last time I did this for someone I cut the stitching holding the bottom of the sail onto the luff rope and sewed a new length of luff rope to the old luff rope then when the sail is stretched over the luff rope the new bit will travel up as well.  I have seen upwards of 100 mm dissapear up the sail.

    Matt Thomas

    Jonathan and John

    Many thanks. I do believe that sounds very likely. I will report back having tried it. May be several weeks but I will report.

    Appreciatively, Matt

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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