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    We have bought a 2nd hand wayfarer which has no rudder uphaul. Why would this be? Any tips would be appreciated on locating and drilling a hole through the rudder to fix one would be appreciated. The downhaul is rope only whereas I expected it to include elastic. I was intending to attach a length of elastic. Any advice on how much and where on the line it is best to include it?

    Dave Bevan

    What kind of stock do you have? I modified my aluminium stock with two blocks to reduce friction and get a higher lift on the uphaul, with a 2:1 purchase and clamcleat mounted on the tiller.

    My downhaul is rope only, with a 2:1 purchase, and secures to an Autorelease clamcleat, also on the tiller.


    @tansy wrote:

    Why would this be?

    Because a Wayfarer doesn’t need one? The rudder floats up when the downhaul is released.

    And why a purchase? You only need to keep it down. A bungee loop or a self releasing cleat will do that nicely. There is no need to put your back in to it, just a gentile pull before cleating it will keep the leading edge straight down.

    Jim Briggs

    Well my version is that I have just recently installed an uphaul on my rudder. While I am aware that for the most part yes the rudder dose usually float up however it doesn’t always. However my primary reason for going to all the effort of installing it, is I find it much easier to rig and de rig the rudder while the boat is out of the water. I then just lock the rudder in the raised position for launch and recovery. Personally I find this arrangement much easier.
    I will post some more details and photos if you wish.


    Well, I have just been restoring my No.3 rudder to become my No.1 rudder and I have fitted an uphaul too. I also have a 2:1 purchase on my downhaul too. This is because I tend to have my rudder pivot bolt tightened to avoid any movement and therfore need the puchase to overcome the friction. The uphaul will be used to pull the rudder up to avoid it grounding and messing up 20 coats of paintwork and all the rubbing down, especially when coming ashore or sailing over shallow areas.


    Thanks all, very helpful. We have decided to fit an uphaul so we can fit the rudder prior to launching so I would be grateful Jim for your photos/dimensions.
    Again thanks all.


    I also had no rudder uphaul, because the previous owner kept the boat on a mooring so I suppose she just took the rudder off. I drilled a hole half way down the rudder, one inch into it and dobbed varnish onto the hole. My downhaul elastic wore through, since when I have made another one with a length of line and narrow (6mm) elastic tied onto it. I made 3 loops in the elastic, with a length of the loops around 3 inches, so it is strong but doesn’t have a big knot, also you can attach one loop quickly and do the others after on launching. These have worked well and haven’t caused problems.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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