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    I am a new Member so apologies if this is obvious.

    Whilst racing last week the Top Rudder Pintle worked loose and dragged from the Rudder.

    The Pintle Pin has bent. It will probably be possible to straighten it but I would rather get a new fitting if polssible but this is proving a bit difficult.

    The WF is a MKII GRP. The Sail No is 7257. The Boat was made by Smallcrafts.

    All the pintles I have seen in local Chandlers etc look pretty flimsy in comparison to this one.

    It is a simple stainless steel “U” Type Fitting with a 9.5/10MM Tapered Pin. I have attached a picture to this post)

    Many thanks


    You might be better changing all the pintles/gudgeons to these:,%20Stocks%20and%20Transom%20Fittings&InBox=Rudder,%20Stocks%20and%20Transom%20Fittings&cct=0&TypeSearch=&subcat=&pg=5.
    I had the SS ones on my old Mk II and they fractured – I had no further problem after fitting these Sea-Sure ones.


    Dave Bevan

    I had one fracture too on my old MKII. Subsequently bought a replacement, but had already filled the voids with epoxy as a temporary repair, and carried-on using it until I sold the boat!


    I had the identical pintle on my old Enterprise, and like you one day I failed to engage both pintles and the force of water on the rudder bent the pin.

    I put the bent pin in the vice and squeezed and hammered it back into line, and it is still in use.

    Or for a near match see

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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