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    Charles Brun

    Hello fellow cruisers:

    I am new to this forum. On my Mark IV Wayfarer (hull 11238, built April 2018) I have sailed for the last year with the main and genoa. I e-mailed Mark Hartley at Hartley Boats for the detailed rigging instructions on how to run the kite halyard (continuous up-haul and down-haul).  I have tried twice to raise the kite on the port side of the boat (kite patches on the outside), with the boat both on the trailer. No success as on my American built trailer the boom sprit does not come out all the way as the trailer winch assembly gets in the way.

    On the 3rd attempt I launched the boat on the front lawn and was successful in getting the sail to come up and out of the fore-deck. With the boat pointing downwind I had the main, the genoa, and the asymmetric kite on the port side. I was also successful in pulling the kite back down into the spinnaker sock located beneath the fore-deck and port forward bench.

    At this point I started to consider how to rig up the single spinnaker line. It is not as straight forward as the genoa sheets that I lead back to the port and starboard Allen ratchet blocks on the outer ends of the center thwart, and then finishing by joining the two ends together, leaving the knot on the top of the thwart.

    Is there a member of the Forum that can “walk me” through the steps needed to rig the spinnaker sheets?   I ordered the sleeker tapered spinnaker sheets, with the understanding that the skinnier ends will be tied to the red clew patch of my Hyde sail.

    I would love to insert images in this Forum, but I keep receiving a reply stating that I don’t have permission. I will need suggestions on that topic as well.

    Thanks all!
    Charles Brun
    Vancouver Washington USA


    Welcome to the Forum!

    We also have a cruising Mk 4 Wayfarer, 11086, but we avoided the problems you are encountering by not ticking the spinnaker option box when we ordered it! I am sorry I cannot help, but I am sure someone will be along who can. Another Mk 4 owner at my club has a spinnaker so I will see if I can get him to respond.

    Edit to add: Do you have the Wayfarer book? It is the bible for setup, though I don’t have mine handy to check what it says on this subject! I believe it is sold through the Wayfarer Association.

    Good luck, and apologies for not being more helpful!



    Charles, by now you may already have the answer. If not  attach both ends of the spinnaker sheet using a form of Fisherman’s knot. We have used a Fisherman’s knot using two figure of eight knots as suggested by Ton Jaspers in www. WIT/race.related/RiggingTips /TonJaspers.

    I note that you launch and recover spinnaker to port whereas with our old World we were told to launch and recover on starboard side! Does it matter?  We also had to hand stuff the spinnaker down the chute until we inserted a second haul down point. Forum “Search” has more details.

    When the asymmetrical is working well it is great fun, so good luck.

    Nick. W9922

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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