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    new member from plymouth here, i bought a mark II SD with rigging i am not used to, so i have my own web site with all the details plus photos, i would be most grateful for any suggestions. dont be put off by the name of the web site ! it was a failed business venture, i still have the web site so i can play with the computer coding as a hobby!

    thanks for looking



    This is really too much to answer and many of your questions have already been addressed on this forum.

    Please have a look at the technical pages of the web-site, visit the Wayfarer Institute of Technology or search this forum for answers. Another good source is the Wayfarer book, a “bible” no Wayfarer sailor can do without. If after having digested all this information you still have specific questions, I and others will be more then happy to answer those.

    BTW, your boat is a mark-2, not an SD version. The latter has a double bottom and side ports to drain water. Your bailers only work while sailing at speed. They let water in to your boat when open and not sailing. A double bottomed SD version will bail even when moored.

    Dave Barker

    Hi Gordon,

    It looks as though you are based somewhere near Elphinstone? I’m frequently in Plymouth for work reasons (and occasionally sailing ones), so I could probably arrange to meet you and have a look at your boat with you, if you think that would be helpful. You can contact me off the forum by email to dbpianos[at]gmail[dot]com

    Our boat, “Cockle” (W6151) is also a Mk2.

    Colin Parkstone

    Well Gordon lets help, or not? you a bit shall we.
    Your mast is not a standard Wayfarer mast, this is a Proctor beta, or beta plus. This is why your shrouds go to the chain plate and not a adjuster. i would say that the mast has been fitted to the boat the best way it could with what someone could get hold of.
    Do you have Wayfarer sails i wonder, could be to short in the mast length if a cut down mast from another class.
    Your right about the boom end, inboard end that is. I takes the Tack of the sail.
    The other end has too smaller pulley for the mainsheet.
    The slider on the top of the transom is just that,would be best if it slid across from side to side but as is will do!
    Holes on the capping aft of the thwart, could be fo a mainsheet jammer but more likely the class plate which would have been Blue with numbers stamped on it.
    Halyards, if they do the job, fine.
    The genoa is hanked to the forstay and fixed at the bow, just aft of the forstay fitting, then pulled tight against the shrouds.
    Kicker could be better but does some kind of a job for you.
    Clean bailers with water to remove sand and cover if they let in too much water when sailing slow.



    thanks for the info so far, hope to meet up with the regular plymouth visitor!

    will check the technical pages too, and have a closer look at the wayfarer book i have bought recently

    i have wayfarer sails, but apart from trying the mainsal for size when i bought it, they seem ok.

    mark II it is then, thanks for that.

    seems i will have to make some adjustments to the shrouds and forestay.

    i have lived in plymouth all my life, currently live a stones throw from the tidal part of the river plym….. and its calling me!

    many thanks for help thus far

    Gordon Collins


    hello again

    many thanks to dave who gave up an hour or so of his time showing me around my new wayfarer….

    with his help we got the mainsail and jib up on a nice calm day, and whilst the boom does seem a little low, and a couple of things are not quite right, it all fits and works ok…. just! changing the halyard fitting and sorting out the jib tension might correct that…

    need a couple of things sorted to make it more functional, but all good.

    just need the right combination of time off work and weather etc…

    Gordon Collins

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