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    Brendan Wallace

    We’ve just become custodians of Jacaranda W6557, a drop dead gorgeous Mk I woodie built by J Stone & Son.

    The boat is a credit to the previous owner. I hope we can learn to do as well as he managed. Previously we had a Mk2 and a +S and learned how to break masts and booms. Then we moved to the dark side but a return was, in retrospect, inevitable.  The weather seems to want to co-operate as we’ve had two perfect days on the water already. We  want to build our cruising skills, about which we know little or nothing, and start having big adventures on short distances if that makes any sense.

    We sail in Wexford, a harbour with plenty of water but thinly spread. Did I mention about the plan that my racing days were over? Well this nineteen footer happened by when were out the other day and I just couldn’t help it. Racing is incurable.

    Looking forward to taking advice on maintaining the boat. The plan is to winter in the garage.


    Jerome FR – W447

    Hi Brendan!

    Welcome there!
    The only one piece of advice I could share with you: Sail the more as possible in the coming weeks, listen to your boat, touch it, check it up in detail, and write little by little your to-do list for your next winter (varnish? Water ingress? Improvements?, Paint? and so on)
    All the best.

    John Miller


    Did you see the note of the Wayfarer International Rally that is being held up the road from you at East Down Yacht Club in June 2023.  Have a look at the inside cover of the current Wayfarer magazine.  Also have a look at the guide for cruising in the cruising section of this web site.  Some great information in it.

    Best Regards John Miller

    Brendan Wallace

    Thanks John.

    Yes, that event caught my eye. We’ve had many happy days sailing at EDYC.

    They are a friendly, hospitable bunch and Strangford itself is such an interesting, possibly unique, sailing area for lots of reasons.

    Heading back on the water again later today. On Friday we went from the Black Man to the Raven and back. Hove to out in the middle for a bun. Couldn’t believe my eyes when the watch said three hours had elapsed. It was one of those pet days where you find yourself closing your eyes 🙂

    We had been considering a class that starts with a D but I’m so glad we dodged that bullet and got a boat that actually sails. It’s also a people magnet. We use the public slip at Ferrybank and never get away without some or many coming to admire or help pulling the trolley back up.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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