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    Can anyone suggest a solution for a single hander retrieving a Wayfarer up a beach maximum of about 10 mtrs, small incline. I am considering a better hand winch but am having diifculty working out how to make such an arrangement work without buying an expensive winch such as a Tirfor. I am currently using a small winch but the wire is too short and I have been unable to source one with a larger capacity drum. With a very short wire the process is laborious as it has to be repositioned and re-attached several times. Anyone cracked this problem?


    I went down to a hardware shop and bought a long length of cheap rope then by using 2 old main sheet blocks and a wooden post I found it quite easy to walk the boat up. (The idea is courtesy of John Mellor(W10053) who has demonstrated the technique at the Cruising Conference.)

    If you need any more detail please ask.



    I use the same method as Hamish to haul my boat up the slip in Llandudno. 20-25 meters up a sharp incline. I’ve found that a 4:1 does the job fine.


    Someone once told me that it’s possible to hang chocks on ropes behind each trolley wheel and the “walk” the trolley up a ramp by pushing the nose wheel from left to right. I’ve never seen it done but it might work. Doesn’t help on a soft or stony beach.


    The blocj=k and tackle work fine if the sand is hard.

    Soft beaches can be a nightmare. We had the problem this summer in Donegal – the trolley wheels sank into the dry and, were fine on wet sand but as soon as the trolley was in the water the wheels were half buried.

    This was especially galling as big 4WD ran down the beach with a small fishing boat in tow, dropped the boat into the water and left…leaving us hufing and puffing as we pushed and shoved.

    Without the help of passere-by we would never have recovered the boat.

    My first thoughts were to deflate the trolley wheels – then to find some special wide (moon buggy type) wheels.

    if we have to use rollers every time we launch we probably wouldn’t bother.


    Gordon DAVIES

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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