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    Ken Russell

    Hi.  I am restoring my old MKII….  it was old when I bought it 30 years ago!  The mast sheave block at the bottom of the mast needs repair/replacement.  Any advice on how I can do this?

    Attached is a photo. As you can sort of see, the sheave block is attached to the mast with rivets and the sheaves are badly corroded.



    Just done this Ken.

    file the rivit heads off (4)

    You should see where the rivit is so centre punch the centre

    drill each rivit (4) with a small drill sufficient to free the sheave block

    lever out the sheave block

    support the sheave block and punch out the pivot pin to free the pulleys (my pin was made from tufnol)

    the remains of the rivits will probably be stuck in the sheave block so cut away as much as you can then with a pin punch, punch out the remains of the rivits

    clean everything to get rid of the corrosion

    If the pulleys are damaged make some more or try to find them

    re-assemble the pulleys on a new stainless pivot pin if you are going to tension your rig to 300 pounds

    I re-assembled the sheave box into the mast with new rivits or make some long bolts

    Ken Russell

    I think I can find new sheaves but it looks like the pivot pin (tufnol) is broken. Do you have any idea where I can get a new tufnol or stainless steel pivot pin?

    Thanks, Ken


    you can find 8mm tufnol on ebay but would have to drill out your sheave to accomodate it. I bought a bit of 10mm 316 grade stainless steel and turned it down on my lathe to 5/16? diameter.  I could buy another bit and do the same for you if you let me know the length. It would be £2 with postage. You can contact me direct at {randt@wayfarer.org.uk}

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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