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    You may hav seen that back in July last year I was bolting fittings through the sidedecks of my ’84 Wayf. Just for info, I found that she had 12mm timber pads built in. i used bolts and backing anyway – a beefy crew, big wind and big sails can apply a lot of force.
    Anyway, the job stopped, and coming back to it this week (!), I find I can’t get the foam back in place. i’d like to say that I knew how it came out. but after endless prodding and shoving it sort of popped out at random. They were so tight that I suspect they were assembled with the deck moulding. Has anybody any experience of getting the shaped blocks back when they no longer seem to fit? Alternatively, is there a way to replace them in entirety with more modern, less friable stuff?


    In a slightly different location but I cut the foam out of blocks in my rear hatch (to get the outboard brackets fitted) I reinstated the bouyancy by cutting up non-water absorbing building insulation and fixed it into place with liberal amount of the squirty expanding foam that builders use. The whole was then encase in fibre glass mat. Do check and see if the foam is non-absorbing but you could get a reasonably tight fit and then just cut back the over spill and seal it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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