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    Looking around the boat the other day, I noticed one of my spreaders is looking like it may need replacing in the future.

    It’s on a 1980-vintage Proctor mast. The spreaders are non-adjustable and held in place by 2 small bolts.

    Wondering if anyone knows a source for spreaders from that period.

    Thanks in advance for any replies, Dave.

    Colin Parkstone

    What kind are they, Black, Blue and are they trapered .Try Selden Masts who make our spars!
    Also try the Online Chandlers like P@B, Sailboats or our builder Hartleys.


    Some more info. Spreaders have an aerofoil profile. Dark on the underside, light on the top. More like anodized finish than painted.
    Total length of spreader is approx. 515mm incl the end adjuster (30mm). The spreader is tapered from approx. 300mm out from the mast and tapers down to half its chord length. Untapered chord length is approx 28mm which tapers down to approx. 15mm at the tip. Max depth of the spreader is 10mm. Spreader is hollow with a wall thickness of approximately 2-2.5mm.

    Does anyone know where I might get this type of spreader or had to replace on a Proctor “E” mast? If so, I’d be grateful to know how you got on and where you got the part

    Thanks again for any replies. Dave Doran

    Colin Parkstone

    Have a look on , under Spreaders funny enough!!!
    Looks like what you have described is on the site,
    Best sit down though and be ready for a price shock!!!!

    ps, look at the bottom of the page, the bare spreaders without adjusters are down there!

    Dave Barker

    Er, that would be I think…

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