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    Martin Wright

    My mast suffered when the starboard shroud coupling failed. The full power of the sail was transferred through the mast down to where it engages with the top of the tabernacle and consequently the mast suffered a deep kink and it bent.

    After abandoning the cruise my first thoughts were that the mast should not be used again, nor should I try and get it repaired for a repair would always be a point of concern in case of future problems. But then again, the main point of concern should have been checking the suporting equipment that is after all there to protect and support the mast that could not do the job on its own. Lessons nearned.

    Then I thought about replacing the mast, the options are

    • replace with a ally mast
    • replace with a wooden mast

    A brand new mast is by far the best option, a selden mast is about 1K. Wooden masts – I have no information.

    Alternatively a secondhand mast would be a lot cheaper.

    What is the version compatibility for masts between Mk1 Mk2 etc?

    Are there any recommendations for makers of wooden masts?

    Are there any recommendations for repairers of aluminium masts?



    If your damaged mast is otherwise in good shape then I would consider a repair.  The structural element is a tube so quite amenable to being internally sleeved.

    When I bought my Mk2 the mast seemed to be in good order but later I discovered corrosion pits low down that went all the way through the metal.  I could not afford a new mast so I took it to a local engineering/welding company on a small industrial estate and had a tube welded inside.  I live in Sussex.

    In  your case they may need to cut out the damage and weld in a collar to restore length too.  It cost me about £50 and worked for a season after which I decided the boat deserved a new mast. I did not ask too much of the repaired mast but it got me on the water.

    I found that the price of masts went down in Autumn/Winter so it might be an idea to keep an eye on the various websites.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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