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    Paul Latimer


    I’m new to the forum and Wayfarer sailing having just acquired a Mark 2 and would welcome some advice in regards to a couple of repairs needed, what process, materials and products to use.

    The first issue is a white discolouring around the hull. I am told I should be able to rub this out, but cannot find any reference to what type of product I should use.

    The second repair needed is an impact crack on the aft buoyancy tank. How should I go about fixing this?

    Any my suggestions or help would be appreciated.


    Bob Harland

    Hi Paul, welcome to the UKWA forum.

    The general maintenance advice on GRP boats applies to the Wayfarer hull, there are some excellent videos available showing what can be done to make a well weathered boat look really good.

    For the discolouration firstly try washing with hot water/detergent and mild abrasive – such as kitchen green scourer. If this does not work then you are onto more serious products, there are several brands on the market, I have used 3M – this one is a combined abrasive and wax;

    Ideally this would be applied with a power polisher, but on a Wayfarer you may be able to do it by hand.
    Whichever brand you choose they all work by abrading away a small amount of stained/oxidized gel coat and hopefully revealing good clean material. Apply a wax polish after to get  good shine and protect – if you are not using a combined abrasive/wax.

    There are also detergents and a straight wax specifically for GRP/boats – see 3M “perfect it” range – if the gel coat is in reasonable condition and does not need abrading back to good material.

    This video explains things pretty well;


    Onto the impact crack on aft buoyancy tank; If it is just gel coat that is damaged then grind out the damaged material – dremel multi tool is ideal for this. For instance if there are radiating hairline cracks grind these to a V shaped channel 3-5mm wide with a conical cutting tip. Vacuum out all the dust, clean and degrease with acetone and fill with gel coat paste, e.g;

    An important point, it will look much better if you can get a good colour match – even white varies, this video from boatworks today – gelcoat colour matching explains how to;
    You can get everything you need from east coast fibreglass – a filler in a colour that is close, and some separate pigments to do the colour match, acetone.
    Once the gelcoat filler has set you are onto wet and dry sandpaper (use a block) say 400 and then 1000 grit to get a smooth level finish and finish with the combined abrasive/wax detailed above.

    If the fibreglass itself is damaged then it is a bigger repair, there is a video on east coast fibreglass that shows this.

    Hope that helps


    Paul Latimer

    Great advice, much appreciated


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