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    In last copy of Wayfarer News in article about The Whisky Trail the outboard filler cap was lost. A quick way to refill an outboard is to have a Husqvarna 2-stroke mixing bottle. The bottle takes 1 litre and you simply invert the bottle over the outboard filler. The whole process takes about 1 minute. In an area of strong tides and narrow channels the chance of running aground is minimised. I usually carry a 5 litre can, 2 of the litre bottles and I begin with a full tank on my Honda. 3 litres will last for well over 10 miles before the big container has to be used. Just type in Husqvarna 2-stroke mixing bottle for suppliers. I would not wish to see the whisky industry deprived of customers due to lack of suitable refuelling containers.
    John R.

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