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    Is there anything to be gained by adding a small low friction block at the cringle by a strop rather than having the line through the cringle itself??? The idea appeals to me but I would welcome views on this before I go ahead. Pete 7059

    Dave Barker

    If you’ve already got a spare little block there wouldn’t be any harm in trying it out in the garden. It sounds interesting but one of those ideas that makes you think that if it was better than the conventional way it would BE the conventional way.

    The title of the question implies that you’re looking to reduce friction, but I wonder if there’s really a problem there to solve? Might the strop tend to twist and cause the line to snag when most needed?

    Presumably you would rig the reefing line both up and back down on the same side of the sail, which might (I’m not sure) allow the sail to bag out a bit more than usual on the blind side when you first start the reefing process; but this wouldn’t be a deal breaker.


    Hi Dave, the reefing line will still run on both sides of the sail and the micro block I already have will run across the leech [paralell to the transom] which is really convenient  staying outside of the leech [hopefully] and thereby not scuffing the leech. It’s one of those ideas that one can try without altering things too much. Pete

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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