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    Jerome FR – W447

    Hi all,

    I had the pleasure to acquire that beautiful boat in March.
    Little by little, I have reconstituted its 20 lastest years in France, but nothing before except it’s a Mark I built-in 1961.

    Around the year 2000, it was owned by a Parisian and W447 was located in the Le Havre area (Normandy).

    I try to reconstitute the entire W447 history: the builder, the races it probably participates in the 70s, and all pieces of information of interest like particular components due to the construction period like method, the materials, different locations it has to stay previously, and all you can naturally think…

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help, by information or advice.
    (please note I’m not on Facebook)

    Best regards.

    Jerome FR – W447

    does no one have an idea?
    Am I the first who try to reconstitute the complete history?
    For example,
    I might understand that someone is taking care of a « register ».
    In it, we could find out the major details like the builder, build date, maybe the first owner and or an address, perhaps the boat’s name, …
    Is that « register » exist?
    Is that person exist?

    Thank you very much in advance for anyone who can help me.
    (Pictures, locations, races, sailing school it was in, etc …)

    Steve W76

    Hi Jerome, the only history I found when restoring W76 was the original measurement certificate. This showed it as amatuer build, builders name and the sailing club the builder sailed at. On the transom was a brass badge for a river restoration society. That is about as far as I got. I understand I may only be the 3rd owner, as the faily that donated W76 to me had owned it since the early/mid 60’s. I also own and restore classic cars, tracing the history of these is also very difficult as in the uk you cannot share/publish any personal details/information.


    Jerome FR – W447

    Thanks a lot, Steve!
    All these details are helpful.
    How did you get the original measurement certificate?
    In your case, has it been brought with the boat?
    Or have you done some research to get it?
    If research,
    is there a kind of database with most of the measurement certificates?
    Or maybe someone who maintains a kind of register?

    Regarding the sharing of personal details/information, that is the same in France.
    In that case, we give information by private messages.
    We contact these people, and we ask them if they are OK to chat with us.
    In most of the case, they are OK to share memories.
    It’s interesting to know you are restoring classic cars.
    what kind of cars?
    I’ve spent 15 years with another english icon: old Land Rovers.

    Happy Sunday to you all!

    Steve W76

    Jerome, UKWA supplied the original measurement certificate, not sure how that quite works for non-UK boats…

    The certificate gave me the name and sailing club of the (home) builder. The sailing club have a trophy named after that person.

    I owned a  classic Flying Fifteen on and off from 1978 to around 2015, the UK FF association have a register of most/all FF’s built. Having said that there are very few FF’s compared to Wayfarers… FF also have records of major race/events.

    My own Wayfarer has a wooden mast and shows no signs whatsoever of a spinnaker, so I guess has never been raced and would therefore probably never appear in any club/national race history, and I doubt that anyone would remember Stanley Dickson at Aldeborugh Yacht Club back in 1962, so I guess I won’t be getting much more history for mine…

    On the cars front, I have owned/restored Landrovers before but now my daily driver is a Triumph Stag. I also have a Triumph Spitfire in bits in the other side of my shed to the Wayfarer…



    Jerome FR – W447

    Thank you very much, Steve!
    I’m around 100% sure the W447 was bought in the UK and then imported in France.

    I will ask Sarah (our UKWA Secretary).
    She perhaps could help me with whom I need to request the original measurement certificate and the condition to get it.

    Your message helps a lot, Steve.

    If anyone else wants to contribute,
    you are warmly welcome on this thread.

    PS: You must be happy when driving the Triumph Stag. It’s a lovely car, and the V8 sound is so symphonic with its stainless exhaust system. You’re a lucky man!

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